Cosmetic Dentistry


Teeth Whitening  – Brighten your smile and get rid of those unwanted stains and discolorations painlessly and easily.

Cosmetic Dentistry Image 1 BEFORE Cosmetic Dentistry Image 2 AFTER

Porcelain Laminate Veneers  – Instantly straighten and whiten your teeth giving yourself the smile you’ve always wanted. A durable, thin porcelain veneer is bonded to the tooth surface producing a flawless, customized smile.

Cosmetic Dentistry Image 3 BEFORE Cosmetic Dentistry Image 4 AFTER
Cosmetic Dentistry Image 5 BEFORE Cosmetic Dentistry Image 6 AFTER
Cosmetic Dentistry Image 7 BEFORE Cosmetic Dentistry Image 8 AFTER
Cosmetic Dentistry Image 9 BEFORE Cosmetic Dentistry Image 10 AFTER


Tooth-Colored Fillings  – Old, silver fillings can show dark spots on and between teeth. Replace them with tooth-colored fillings for a more natural look and feel.


Clear Aligners  – Get a straight and beautiful smile without having to wear braces. Through the use of clear, customized trays we can fix those rotated and misaligned teeth without anyone knowing.

Cosmetic Dentistry Image 3 PATIENT WITH CLEAR ALIGNER IN MOUTH Cosmetic Dentistry Image 4 ACTUAL CLEAR ALIGNER

Dental Bonding  – Fix chipped, broken, or misaligned teeth and mask discolorations in one office visit by using a shade of bonding material that matches your tooth.

Cosmetic Dentistry Image 9 BEFORE Cosmetic Dentistry Image 10 AFTER

Laser Dentistry

Gingival Recontouring  - Recontour unsymmetrical gums or reduce a “gummy” smile for a more natural looking and ideal smile, pain-free and with a shortened healing time compared to traditional gum surgery.

Cold Sore Treatment  - Treat those painful apthous ulcers and herpetic lesions in seconds and have them heal in a day instead of a week or two. If you feel the lesions coming on we can even treat them before they become painful.

Desensitizing Teeth  - Desensitize sensitive teeth quickly and painlessly. No anesthesia is needed and studies have shown laser treatment to last years longer than paint on methods.

Non-surgical Periodontal Treatment  - Reduce the effects of gum disease without surgery. This leads to treatment done with no pain and an accelerated healing time.

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