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Root Canals

Root canals are a standard procedure many experienced dentists in Honolulu, HI, perform. One such dentist is Dr. Joshua Cardwell, who has provided his patient’s excellent dental care and root canal therapy for years. With the help of root canal therapy, Dr. Cardwell has provided relief to countless patients who have experienced pain due to various conditions caused by infections, trauma, or injury. 

What is Root Canal Therapy?

Root canal therapy (or endodontic treatment) involves removing the infected or damaged pulp from the tooth’s center and cleaning it with special instruments and medications. After removal of the infected or damaged tissue, the inside of the tooth is filled with an inert material (gutta-percha) and sealed off so that no other bacteria can penetrate it. This procedure helps to eliminate the source of discomfort and protect the surrounding teeth from further damage due to infection or decay. 

What are the Benefits of a Root Canal?

The benefits of a root canal are numerous, ranging from relieving pain to preserving a natural-looking tooth. First and foremost, a root canal can relieve pain and discomfort caused by an infected or damaged tooth. When a tooth’s nerve is exposed to bacteria or decay, it can cause the tooth to become painfully sensitive and even painful to the touch. A root canal can relieve the pain by removing the infection and the nerve. 


Another benefit of a root canal is that it can help preserve a natural-looking tooth. When a tooth’s nerve is damaged or infected, the tooth may become discolored or brittle. With a root canal, the damaged portion of the tooth is removed and replaced with a filling, allowing the tooth to retain its natural shape, color, and strength. 


Finally, a root canal can help prevent the spread of infection. By removing the infected area of the tooth and sealing it, the risk of the infection spreading to other teeth and parts of the body is significantly reduced.

What is the Success Rate of a Root Canal?

The success rate of root canals depends on several factors, including how severely damaged or infected the tooth is, how deep into the tissue it reaches, whether there are any pre-existing medical conditions, how well it is performed, how quickly it is treated, etc. However, when done correctly, root canals generally yield positive results in 95 percent of cases, providing long-term relief from pain and improved oral hygiene overall. 


What to Expect When Getting a Root Canal

When getting a root canal from Dr. Cardwell at Joshua G.H. Cardwell DDS, you can expect a professional and comfortable experience. Dr. Cardwell and his team will thoroughly evaluate your tooth to determine the extent of the problem and design a personalized treatment plan. Dr. Cardwell will use the latest tools and technology during the procedure to ensure the best results. You can expect local anesthesia to be used to minimize any discomfort. After the process, Dr. Cardwell will provide you with a follow-up plan to ensure the best long-term results.


When considering root canal therapy in Honolulu, HI, Dr. Cardwell is one of the town’s most knowledgeable and caring dentists. He focuses on providing comprehensive care for all his patients — offering them detailed information about their condition before treatment so that they feel confident in their decision-making about which course of action will benefit them personally. 

Root Canals in Honolulu, HI

At Joshua G.H. Cardwell DDS Clinic in Honolulu, HI, we specialize in providing expert treatment for all kinds of dental problems and offering advice on preventive dental care measures – including root canals – so that you can keep your entire mouth healthy for many years to come! Our friendly staff is highly trained and committed to helping our patients achieve maximum satisfaction with their dental services – so don’t hesitate to contact us today if you’re looking for reliable endodontic treatment options!

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