General Dentistry

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Preventive Dentistry

The key to optimal oral health is having a solid foundation. Preventive dentistry is aimed at avoiding dental problems before they start. This includes regular comprehensive examinations of the teeth, gums, jaw, and surrounding structures, as well as such procedures as dental sealants, routine cleanings, and nightguards.

The attractive solution to badly decayed or broken teeth that blends in with the surrounding teeth.

An alternative to fillings for mild to moderate decay that match the shade of the tooth. With proper oral hygiene and regular checkups inlays and onlays can last significantly longer than standard fillings.

Root Canal Therapy – Removal of an infected or diseased pulp inside of a tooth. Root canal therapy can greatly reduce pain that could spread to other areas of the mouth and jaw.

The modern alternative for the replacement of missing teeth. The implants integrate into the jaw bone to prevent bone loss and enable you to chew with confidence.

Periodontal Treatment

Prevent tooth loss and other serious health problems with regular checkups and routine professional cleanings.

A removable alternative to replace missing teeth that is strong, comfortable, and look natural.

Small diameter implants that integrate into the jaw bone to provide enhanced retention for loose dentures. It is a minimally invasive surgery with a rapid healing time.

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